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A fair bit of my early Spectrum programming history is centered around some old magazines my dad had given me, which were full of type-in programs. All of them were from 1983, and the issues were:

As Charlie Brooker would say, I was a "barely-sentient skin-blob" in the 1980s, and the arrogant part of me that would not accept less than full marks at any subject in school came all too often to the fore; I thought I knew better than the programmers who'd been paid for sending their programs into these magazines, and "corrected" what I thought were their mistakes. Once I'd realised they weren't wrong after all, I was better able to make what I thought were enhancements, without ruining everything. Some of these "enhanced" programs were only modified when I was a lot younger, others were a more major project once I'd reached my 20s and was trying to take my mind off the crushing pressure of a PhD that I wasn't totally suitable to be doing.

These are the results of both of those sets of experiments, at least those I've retained from whatever tapes were left over after The Great House Move of 2000, which claimed a sizable chunk of my type-in tapes.