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For the most part, this isn't my own work, other than the act of typing in the listings. If ever I do write a program for the QL, it'll be hosted on the "My Programs" page. This page lists the QL type-in games that were published in magazines from mid-1984 to some time around 1987, and which are listed on The Type Fantastic - if I find any more I'll be sure to post them here, eventually.

As of 26th December 2020, QL entries for the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition are also hosted here to make them more accessible, not that there are many of them - but one of them is my work.

The QL's screen display was quite bizarre - a resolution of 512×256 stretched vertically into rectangular pixels for an aspect ratio of "not quite 4:3" - but that's Sir Clive for you. Screenshots have been taken at 512×256, so one QL pixel equals one PC pixel, for accurate preservation purposes - but they will be expanded to 1024×688 on this display, which is an just about correct for the QL's aspect ratio, even if the upscaling does make for pixels of weird sizes on the PC screen that look like they've been smeared with Vaseline.

Naming conventions for Jim Grimwood's Type Fantastic are used in this index. A second title given in brackets indicates that either the listing was part of a larger article, or the magazine attempted to rename it.

The ZIP files are not QL ZIPs. As well as the relevant file in .MDV format, and in _bas format in a folder marked "files" (both made and exported by "Grandpa" QLAY, at this point), they contain the original article from the magazine (probably found on the World of Spectrum archive), the text of that article, and a screenshot - maybe more than one. Unzip these on your PC (or Mac), then deal with the bits that will actually run on the QL emulator of your choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any programs containing user-defined graphics may be compromised by add-on ROMs - such as Toolkit II or QLAY's NFA ROM. To see these programs as the author intended, disable the extra ROMs and start the QL emulation with the JS ROM only.

Philip Sproston Popular Computing Weekly 17, 24 & 31 Oct 1985 22, 24 & 25 TV 3,968
Big Clive's Supergayrainbow Exploding USB Power Supply Game Jim Waterman CSSCGC 2020 Nov 2020 n/a Both 53
Blue Meanies Jonathan Bowring Your Computer Oct 1985 101 Both 1,119
Bombs Away R. Hartill Sinclair User Nov 1985 94 TV 312
(QL SuperBASIC parts 5 & 6)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Aug & Sep 1986 70 & 73 Both 2,789
Connect 4 R. Hartill Sinclair User Nov 1985 87 TV 303
Mike Sever Sinclair User Jun 1985 95 Both 564
Cube Crawler Antony Trenker Big K Jan 1985 42 TV 559
(The Sound of Music)
Frédéric Huynh Sinclair User May 1985 95 TV 473
Dragon Slayer Richard Snowdon Popular Computing Weekly 8 Nov 1984 16 Both 1,275
The Hill A.P. Morris Popular Computing Weekly 19 & 26 Dec 1985 32 & 30 TV 370
Javelin Alan Didcock ZX Computing Jun 1986 68 Both 529
Jumper Kristian Solaas Popular Computing Weekly 26 Sep 1985 16 Both 1,218
Lunar Lander
(QL Characteristics)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Oct/Nov 1985 86 Mon 1,244
Maths Test
(QL SuperBASIC part 1)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Apr 1986 44 Both 758
More Tea Vicar Gavin Callard CSSCGC 2008 Mar 2008 n/a Both 31
Nim Arthur Douglass Sinclair User Dec 1984 115 Both 424
Nowotnik Puzzle
(A Puzzle for the QL)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing Jun/Jul 1985 50 Mon 2,307
One Day Cricket Andrew Finch ZX Computing Jun 1986 70 TV 800
Parachute Jump
(QL SuperBASIC part 5)
David Nowotnik ZX Computing August 1986 72 Both 2,789
QL Racer
(Moving Graphics on the QL)
Tim Hartnell ZX Computing Oct/Nov 1984 52 TV 499
QL Snake
(Reptile's Revenge)
Ian Logan Popular Computing Weekly 12 Jul 1984 10 Both 408
Quadruplets Victor Card Your Computer Nov 1984 195 TV 533
Reconnaissance Ian Kennedy, Ian Williams & Steven Hollywood Computer & Video Games Feb 1986 918 Mon 1,079
S.A.M. Interceptor
(S.A.M. Defence / Interceptor)
Ian Williams & Steven Hollywood Popular Computing Weekly 17 Jan 1985 12 Both 1,247
Santa's Dilemma David Nowotnik ZX Computing Dec 1986 68 Both 616
The Snake Graham Calladine Sinclair User Sep 1985 85 Both 290
Space Warp Michael Levers Computer & Video games Annual 1985 8 TV 789
Tower of Brahma R. Hartill Sinclair User Aug 1985 84 Both 295
Towering Inferno
Philip S. Newby Sinclair User Apr 1985 110 Both 539