Hammer Of Retribution Productions' Sinclair computing pages



This is an archive of programs and games I've released publicly, for either of the Spectrum's black-and-white predecessors. It is near-certain that ZX81 programs will be in .P format and ZX80 programs in .O format, although there are others available for these machines (including .TZX tape images). ZX81 programs will be given as requiring either 1K or 16K; ZX80 programs will be listed according to the minimum power-of-two memory required, seeing as a variety of such memory add-ons were available. Also, if I ever write something for one of the clones, such as the Timex 1000 series, or the Lambda 8300, it will also be filed here.

This is the most significant part of the website, so it gets full-size-with-border screenshots (320×240), all of which can be enlarged (to 960×720) by clicking on them - some will link to an HTML page with more than one screenshot. Click the title to go to its ZXDB index page on Spectrum Computing. Some of these entries also contain links to extra information on Dr. Jim's BASIC Dumping Ground on the Spectrum Computing forum, or to reviews by the CSSCGC host of that year's competition.